LARQ Bottle PureVis™

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  • Vlad G.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Brilliant design

    Probably and hopefully the only water bottle I’ll ever need in my life. Who doesn’t love clean, good water in a stylish container?

  • Laura T.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Great Bottle

    Almost everyone I know should drink more water and this bottle makes drinking water easier. No-brainer purchase. Your body will thank you.

  • Tina M.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Review by Tina M.

    Super easy to use .love that it cleans and filters the tap water, my water has been tasting terrible, since I bought the larq bottle my water taste so much better and I'm drinking more water.

  • Giacomo C.Verified Buyer

    Water? Press one and done

    The Larq bottle has been a monumental shift in drinking water as compared to a traditional bottle. Some of the highlights include uvc tech, less bottle cleaning, keeping beverages cold/hot. The only downside i’ve seen is the need to wash the lip of the bottle, but its not a big enough one to bring down this review. Thanks Larq!

  • Fatha S.Verified Buyer
     United States


    As someone with ADHD and struggles with smaller detailed task like drinking enough water and making sure its not water that has been sitting in a gross bottle all day or left in my car overnight (which has happened one too many times). I genuinely appreciate the technology and efficiency of my LARQ Bottle Movement, I can quickly have it purify and clean itself and drink water whenever I need it even if I only have tap water available. I would highly recommend the investment to those who can afford it or gift it!

  • Stanley C.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Backpacker must have

    This is everything I have been looking for to take out into my trips. Lightweight and gets the job done when drinking out of streams and unknown sources. Bottom line it gets the job done And a must have when you want certainty form your unknown water sources, it’s one less thing to have to worry about.

  • Kent L.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Perfect for Hiking (32 oz bottle)

    As someone who doesn't need water to be cold for 12 hours, this bottle is perfect, as it is extremely lighter than the other LARQ bottle design and it holds more water than the other LARQ bottles, this makes it perfect for hiking and being on the go. Two things to note if you are considering this bottle is that it does sweat, where the other design doesn' and the mouth of the bottle is different then the other bottle. I do like the mouth on the other bottle better, but it is by no means a deal-breaker for me.

  • Regina P.Verified Buyer
     United States

    Classy travel companion

    Easy to set up. Easy instructions. No worries if I forgot to wash or change water from the day before. Love the diagonal design.

  • Onur B.Verified Buyer
     United States

    LARQ Bottle Movement Review

    I purchased the LARQ Bottle Movement after having originally purchased the Original LARQ Bottle. I am extremely satisfied with it overall. It is much easier to grip, and put down on basically any surface, with the silicone cover that it comes with. The extra capacity the bottle brings is awesome, without any notable increase in the overall size of the bottle, including in comparison to the original bottle. I also like how even when the bottle is fully filled, it does not become too heavy to carry. The grooves & 360 degree slit at the mouthpiece, makes it so much easier & more natural to drink from the bottle. The lid also opens/closes more fluidly, in comparison to the original bottle. Overall durability also feels much more solid, as claimed. I am fully satisfied with both of the bottles. It's great that both satisfy different needs & use cases.

  • Susan O.Verified Buyer
     United States

    I love my Larq!

    As has been said many times, the Larq bottle is as pretty as it is useful. I bought it because I believed the advertising that it purifies itself and the water in it. Nonetheless, I bought a test kit to verify the claim. And the results were as I’d hoped. It really does purify ordinary tap water. Well worth the purchase price.


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